We can take your vintage letter, sports or school jacket and make int a teddy bear for you. If you still have your jacket hanging in your closet, which mo intention of wearing it again, but too much emotional attachment to get rid of it, maybe we can help. Let us turn it into a family heirloom that you can enjoy everyday and then pass on to your children or grandchildren. We don't just make handmade teddy bears, we make memories that you can hold and cherish for a lifetime. Each of the bears Vicky and I make are unique and personal projects so if we can, we like to visit with you to learn more about them. Our letter jacket bears start at $150 and range on up in price depending on how patches, medals, whether there is real leather sleeves involved etc. However, you will always know the exact cost before we start and most of the custom order bears we make will come in at less than $200. Call us if you have an idea, 417-285-3201, or text us at 417-393-9179 and we will call you. Email us at stearnsybears@gmail.com.