Vicky and Charles offer an incredibly wide variety of custom order teddy bears. If you have something that holds a place your heart, we often can create a treasure heirloom for you from it. The two of us make each Stearnsy Teddy Bear ourselves. So each bear is a our own personal project and also a labor of love for us. We do two basic categories of custom order work. We take something you have and make it into a teddy bear. Examples of this, are letter, sports and school jackets. Military wear such fatigues and uniforms. We also make great bears from vintage fur coats. And many other items including shirts and t-shirts. The other custom work we do is take something you have and alter so it a teddy bear can be dressed in it. Christening gowns, baby clothes, sports uniforms and a wide variety of other things. We also known for doing wonderful bears dressed in wedding gowns. Each of our custom order bears is a one of a kind project so it requires us to visit with you about it. Ours is an old-fashioned way of doing business but if you give us a chance we can make you a bear that will be special for lifetime and become a family heirloom. There is no charge to visit with us if you have an idea of a bear we could make for you. Our phone number is 417-285-3201 or you can text us at 417-393-9179 and leave a number and we will get in touch with you. Our email address is

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