Working on the program for the Antique Elegance show.
Thoughts on Sally “mama bear” Stearns.

This was all her. If it had not been for her, there would have been no parts for the rest of the family to play. It was her vision, she planted the seed and her creative nature and occasional downpour of ill temper that caused it to grow. But make no mistake about, Vicky and I are here today with a story to tell about Stearnsy Bears, a story that hasn't quite ended yet, and that is because of Sally.


The Good Lord willing Vicky and I as well as assorted Stearnsy Bears will be in Richardson Texas on February 20, for our dear friend Aileen's Antique Elegance Show at the Civic Center. There is FB page for it. We will doing a program about what I guess you would call the story of Stearnsy Bears. To that end, I have a box of Mom's that has dozens of old paper plates and baggage tags she made bear notes on. 
Example: just titled, "Bear Memo...Well educated (graduate Wayne State University, Nebraska) world traveler and retired from teaching. Never married, feels most comfortable in black and bathes 52 times a year. Prefers a flannel nightshirt and wears rose petal perfume. To keep her happy, take her the Public Library and let her recite Shakespeare for you...Thank you."