Gil's bear

So back in October in we get a call from Gil in Houston, TX, a very nice guy. He had been to The World's Largest Toy Museum complex in Branson where there is a roomful of old Stearnsy Bears in the Memory Barn. Tom and Wendy and the rest of the group are so nice and they have a ton of cool stuff. We highly recommend it. But Gil had seen our work and had an idea for a Christmas gift that we now know made a Christmas that will always be remembered. We do special things. On the Sunday evening after Christmas we received this note from Gil's daughter...I'm Gil's daughter and I received this wonderful gift last night on Christmas eve! Very VERY special gift! Beautiful say the least! Not a dry eye in the room! Miss my mom everyday! I swear it still smells like her! This is the best Christmas gift EVER! Thank you for making her for my wonderful dad! Absolutely beautiful!

Here she is! Already made herself at home!

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