new ears

So this bear came in the mail a couple weeks ago. The owner was looking for some bear rehabilitation and we always do as best we can to set right what might have gone wrong, bearwise. He's at least 20 years old, maybe 25, made from a beautiful Schulte mohair. It's the kind of mohair we rarely use anymore because it's too expensive for us. And this fellow is a great bear but he had undergone a bit of rough living. A child who loved it hard might have done it, except that the ears were mostly chewed off, never seen a child do that yet. Mohair is tough. It's still made from the same Angora Goat hair as the goat's hair coverings hair mentioned in the Old Testament. More likely a dog. Not a really bad dog, if there is such a thing, I mean the bear could have been beyond earthly repair, as it was, just missing the ears. I can easily visualize a dog chewing them off and not just chewing them off but having a find old time chewing them off. We didn't have any matching material or any possibility of finding any. So Vicky took some wonderful old mohair that came from a vintage child's coat and made him new ears. We loved how he turned back out. Maybe even better than new, he has age and a story now. If you have age and story, then you know that counts for something. And sometimes sometimes you need a repair. We wish we didn't have to send him back. Until, if and when, I find out he had a different name, I'm calling him “new ears.